Calling All Sons of Anarchy Fans: Did You Catch The SOA Easter Egg In Mayans M.C. Episode 3?

An exciting Sons of Anarchy Easter egg was placed within episode three of Mayans M.C., ‘Buho/Muwan’. The Easter egg was discovered by a curious fan after they decided to call the phone number seen on the anniversary card that Felipe Reyes pulls out of his shirt pocket. To the fan’s surprise, the phone number was an actual working California number.

The phone number (310)-369-4951 was written on the card. Give it a call and listen to the voicemail… can you guess who it is?

Call it yourself or check out the video below of a fan calling the number featured on Mayans M.C. episode 3. Be sure to read below the video to find out more.

Video submitted by Brittanie  D. Rasmussen. 


If you call the number you’ll hear a recording of Gemma Teller (Katey Sagal) answering the voice mailbox for the Teller-Morrow Garage. Teller-Morrow was the auto shop that was started by the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club’s founding president John Teller and his friend Clay Morrow. The garage served as a cover-up for the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse throughout the Sons of Anarchy series.

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