Creators Sutter & James Talk Sons Of Anarchy Cross-Overs In Mayans M.C.

Season 2 of FX’s Mayans M.C. is fast approaching and everyone has been not so patiently awaiting to see what will happen next with the club. The cast and creators have been on multiple press tours this summer including Comic-Con back in July and Television Critics Association in early August. All discussing the new season and teasing us with behind the scenes posts and short trailers. 

Entertainment Weekly sat down with co-creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James during the TCA’s and got some more insight on where possible Sons of Anarchy cross-overs could happen! The obvious one will be SAMCRO member, Happy (David Labrava), since they ended Season 1 with EZ realizing that is was him that killed him and Angels mother. Elgin James told EW,

“Working with D.L. has been amazing, you’re going to see a lot of Happy this season because there’s a lot of stuff to unpack. I can’t say where it ends because we’re still figuring it out, but you can expect to spend a lot of time with the character this season.”

One thing for sure is that EZ is looking for revenge! The cast spoke last month at Comic-Con about how this season is all about retribution and unpacking all those secrets that came to light in the first season. JD Pardo who plays EZ Reyes posted this picture of him writing Happy’s signature on a window on his Instagram (@jdpardo). He is out to get him!

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Season 1 also ended with the biggest Sons connection that could be coming to a close? Alvarez decides to trade his cut for a suit and begin working for Galindo. Alvarez was the main connection between SAMCRO and the Mayans with the gun running. Could this possibly mean more of one on one meet ups with the Mayans and Sons?

Another way they are bringing in SOA is through EZ’s special skill of a photographic memory. Last season showed a lot of his past that helped him connect new people in his life and to ultimately know that Happy is his mother’s killer. Early in season 1, there is a flashback when EZ was in prison and the queen herself, Gemma Teller, was sitting in the waiting room to see Clay. Sutter purposely put in that little easter egg, he tells EW,

“That EZ was inside while Clay [Ron Perlman] was incarcerated. Like there was crossover, to give people a sense of timeline. I don’t know if I’ll use her or that device again, but if I need to, I’ve established it.”

James and Sutter are very careful and methodical about when and how much Sons Of Anarchy is going to intertwined into Mayans. They know that if they have little cameos here and there that they could have to unpack a lot of stuff, James explains to EW,

“When we consider bringing someone back, we have to think about the ripple effect it’ll cause and what it all means. I think Kurt wants people to remember that for what it was. Jax for what it was. And in your memory or your imagination, it could be whatever you want it to be.”

They do not want to ruin any kind of thoughts that Sons Of Anarchy fans might of fantasized about what has happened to the surviving characters. Luckily, we all have season 2 of Mayans on September 3rd to look forward to and see how all the connections will unfold. Check out the latest teaser trailer posted >>

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