EPIC FAIL: Burnout On Chopper Goes Wrong

Chopper Burnout Fail – Photo Credit: YouTube

A man’s attempt to impress his girlfriend with his burnout skills on his new chopper motorcycle goes completely wrong.

This has got to be one of the best motorcycle burnout fail videos ever! After talking up his burnout skills to his girlfriend, he decides to show her how it’s done. He cranks it up and backs the chopper out of the garage. He shifts the gears three times, but on the third shift he loses control of the bike and rams right into his garage. FAIL! His girlfriend caught the entire thing on camera, and it’s too funny. No worries, dust yourself off and try again.

The description for the video is even funnier:

“After talking up my history of burnouts for weeks to my girlfriend at the time (who never has seen a live bike burnout) this is what happened… She wasn’t impressed.”

I love it when his girlfriend asks “Am I stopping it?”, he quickly replies “YEP!”.

Watch the epic motorcycle burnout fail below:

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