Electroluminescent Painted Motorcycle

Electroluminescent Painted Motorcycle – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

I’m glowing! Can you see me now? Many riders wear neon yellow and orange to draw attention to themselves while they ride. You’ve probably also seen the bumper stickers that say “watch out for bikers”, in effort to remind people to keep their eyes peeled for motorcycles.

It’s a common safety concern when you’re riding a motorcycle, no matter if you are riding in the day or at night. Darkside Scientific has come up with an solution that will allow motorcyclists to be more visible at night.

When a custom motorcycle painter was asked by a friend to paint his bike, he wanted to come up with something unique, something that made the motorcycle stand out from the crowd. As he brainstormed, he thought, “it’s pretty easy to get hit when you’re not seen”, that’s when he came up with the concept of a glowing bike.

He first experimented with photoluminescent paint, which was brilliant, but it required charging by sunlight or a blacklight. The winning alternative was to use electroluminescent paint. Electroluminescent paint is applied with an airbrush and then electrically wired to illuminate the surface. It allows motorcycles to be seen at night and it looks amazing! Check out the electroluminescent dragon tank:


See this incredible innovation in action in the video below. The video was put together by Progressive Insurance for their ‘Apron Project’ featuring the electroluminescent technology created by Darkside Scientific. This incredible technology opens up a whole slew of opportunities, what would you light up?

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