Harley-Davidson Crosses Creek, Shows Kawasaki How It’s Done


This is the strangest video ever… this guy gives absolutely zero sh**s!

As a few kids on their Kawasakis are getting prepared to cross a rocky creek, a whole family on a Harley (yes, there is a small child on there) comes tearing out of nowhere and shows them how it’s done. “Look at this! Look at this! He’s gonna show you up!”. The Harley completely clears the gnarly creek without a scratch! Minds blown. Just to rub it in their faces, the guy blasts his music, turns around, and does it again! As they stood there stunned, one of them says: “now I feel bad, I can’t ever cross it”.

I don’t know anyone who would put their Harley through this. Would you ever do this with your Harley? Me, heck no!

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