Harley-Davidson Family Heirloom Built by Jason Momoa

Aquaman’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ star Jason Momoa recently shared this video about his three decade journey to build a Harley-Davidson from scratch. It has been a long road for him and many things have changed in his life. Now the time has come for Jason to make his dream a reality with his children.

The video is not only visually stunning with scenes of backroads and joy on everyone’s faces as they feel the freedom of the open road, but his words help you to remember how you felt the first time you were on two wheels.

He takes you back to the first time he ever rode a motorcycle, when he was only 6 years old and the rush he felt. He remembers that “it looked like a beast, fierce and proud” and how turning the “throttle was like being able to control it’s breathing”. Momoa has since then been craving that feeling and now he gets to share it with his family. He talks of how this bike will forever be a family heirloom, not just the Harley itself but the everlasting memories that they will create.

We hope this video brings back a little nostalgia and happiness. Share with us in the comments the first time you ever rode.

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot