Harley Motorcycle Has A Close Call With Deer


A rider with only one hand on the throttle has a super close call with a momma deer and her baby.

Anyone that is familiar with deer knows that they can be unpredictable. It’s common for deer to jump unexpectedly right in front of cars and motorcycles. This type of incident can be deadly for the deer and the passengers in the car.

Colliding with the smallest animal on a motorcycle can cause the rider to lose control and cause a fatal wreck in just a matter of seconds.

In this close call video, a man riding his Harley is taken by surprise as a doe and her fawn jump out right in front of him. He had a split second to react after he saw the deer, no time to slow down. He grabbed the other side of the handlebars and just barely misses the deer! He’s extremely lucky he missed these deer, it could have killed him, the deer, and his bike.

Watch the video of the hair-raising moment as a doe and her babies jump right out in front of a Harley motorcycle. It will give you goosebumps!

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