Huge Deer Takes Out Motorcyclist On The Highway!! [WATCH]

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

Holy crap. It is estimated that only 4.4% of deer crashes in the United States involve motorcyclists. That is why it is so shocking that during a Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, a deer would run across the road and take out a motorcyclist while attempting to jump over him. No joke, it really happened. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is done worldwide, on the same day, every year, to raise awareness for prostate cancer – but this particular deer did not care on that day. The motorcyclist himself is incredibly lucky, as most deer vs motorcycle crashes prove to be fatal.

The top 10 states for motorcycle versus deer crashes are Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kansas, and Minnesota – and if you look closely at the license plates in today’s video, you’ll see that this incident likely occurred in Ohio, a state that is known to have a large population of deer. Unfortunately, this is a risk every rider takes as he or she embarks on a motorcycle ride – so take this as a reminder BON family – stay safe out on those roads!

Check out the insane video below, courtesy of Daily Mail (Facebook), and tell us in how loudly you gasped when you saw it happen! Have you ever collided with a deer while out on your bike? Tell us your story in the comments section below. Stay safe, BON friends and family!

This year, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is scheduled for September 24th – check out your local info for specifics as every locale has different venues and details for their rides.

Daily Mail

A huge deer jumps right over this biker’s head!

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