Indian Larry Stunt


DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. How do you even learn to do something like this?

Lawrence De Smedt — better known as Indian Larry, was a famous bike builder and stunt rider. He got his nickname in th 1980s by ridding a chopped Indian motorcycle.

The designers that influenced him where Von Dutc and Ed Roth.

Some of his more famous bikes he built are Dayy-O (aka Rat Fink), Wild Child and Chain of Mystery.

Indian Larry did not belong to any club and considered himself a lone wolf. He loved the biker lifestyle and being on the road.

This story does not have a happy ending. In 2004 Indian Larry performed the standing stunt and fell off his bike and sustained head injuries. Larry died from his injuries a few days latter. He was only 55 years old. His last words were to his wife saying “Sweetie, sweetie.”



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