Kurt Sutter Leaving Mayans M.C. After Season 2

HUGE, heartbreaking but possibly exciting news has been announced that co-creator of Mayans M.C., Kurt Sutter will be stepping down from the show after season 2 wraps. Sutter is the brains behind the beloved Sons Of Anarchy so it was only fitting that he was also a part of the spin-off Mayans M.C. that premiered September 2018. It was a break out hit and fans from Sons Of Anarchy quickly fell in love with the new story line and are excited for season 2 to start next week on September 3rd. 

Sutter made his announcement Tuesday night at the season 2 premiere of Mayans at Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. Sutter told fans according to Entertainment Weekly,

“It’s time for the white man to leave the building”

Explains that show is based on Latino characters living on the Mexico/Cali border and it is only fitting that the story be told from voices of color. Elgin James has been with the show from the start and he really is the culture and the life behind the creation of the Mayans universe. 

James is forever grateful for Sutter taking a chance on him he tells EW,

“Kurt Sutter changed my life… He took a shot on me… and the last two years I’ve learned so much from him that it’s left me speechless, really.”

Elgin James is ready to take on this new role and fans are surely ready to ride with him!

It is unknown what Sutter will pursue now…of course he teased about a Sons Of Anarchy prequel and SOA fans probably passed out! He has often spoken about his idea of exploring the life of Jax’s father John Teller.

Sutter explains the premise to EW,

“It would be a one-off called First Nine. It’ll begin in Vietnam with John and Piney [William Lucking]… there will be one episode for each guy who joins the first nine. That’s what I want to do”

Fans will be holding their breath until more information is spilled about that! We all know Sutter isn’t done yet with the M.C. world, cannot wait to see what is in store for his future. As of now fans have less than a week to wait for season 2 of Mayans to premiere on September 3rd at 10pm on FX. 

Would you want to see a SOA Prequel??

A look back at the start and creation of Mayans M.C.

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