LEGO Creates Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Replica

Dreams are coming true for the little biker in you! Harley-Davidson has teamed up with LEGO to create a Fat Boy model replica kit. The bike is 1,023 pieces and comes in classic red and black, complete with a Harley-Davidson logo on the tank and an odometer. To make it even more authentic they created a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy themed ‘commercial’ so customers can see all the special features.

The model will include of course a v-twin engine, exhaust pipes, and even handle bars that rev! Builders will be able to roll the wheels, turn the handle bars for steering and “gas it up”. The creators really wanted to bring on the nostalgia for all ages, it would make a very badass collector piece for any motorcycle enthusiast out there. The kit will be available for purchase August 1st or for the LEGO VIPS pre-ordering opens tomorrow, July 17th.

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