Like A Kid In A Candy Store!

Video of Actor Jason Momoa visiting the Harley-Davidson Factory and Museum.

Aquaman star, Jason Momoa is a HUGE Harley-Davidson fan. He has been riding since he was a kid and has a collection of new and vintage H-D’s. A few months ago he was invited to tour the Harley-Davidson Factory and Museum. Partnering with ‘On The Roam’ they made another awesome video of his experience. Momoa is utterly amazed from the second he walks in, the viewer can tell this is truly a dream come true for him. 

Jason starts at the museum, going through all the very first bikes H-D ever made and receives a one of a kind coin stamped and made out of Harley-Davidson frame steel just for him to remember his trip. Walking through and seeing all the history he is really like a kid in a candy store, so special to see just how genuinely grateful and excited he is to experience everything.

He meets Bill Davidson and wraps him in a huge bear hug! Momoa shows Bill his Knucklehead engine rings that he wears all the time and even during filming of Aquaman. While looking at an engine he says what every biker thinks every time they see their bike… 

“That’s what freedom looks like…”

Watch the full video of his tour here >>

Have you ever visited the factory or museum? Comment below about your trip.