Man Sells Harley Then Finds It 32 Years Later

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Can you imagine if you you were reunited with your first motorcycle after 32 years? Ever since Ed Church was a young boy his dream was to own a motorcycle and experience the freedom of the open road.

Ed purchased his first Harley-Davidson motorcycle as a sophmore in highschool, a dream come true.

After 13 years, Ed chose to sacrifice his motorcycle so he could afford to raise his daughter. Over the course of raising his daughter Ed began to regret selling his motorcycle, as anyone would, and began his quest to find another 58 Harley. Ed turned to eBay to replace his beloved motorcycle, but it never crossed his mind that he would actually stumble across his old motorcycle. Now if you’ve ever bid on eBay you know how nerve wracking the final moments of an auction can be. Unfortunately, Ed lost the auction and his motorcycle.

One year later his motorcycle popped up on eBay again and Ed didn’t hesitate to outbid everyone to win back his “one that got away”. 32 years later Ed Church was reunited with the exact same motorcycle he had purchased as a teenager. What are the chances? It’s a completely amazing story!

Check out the video below to hear Ed’s incredible story:

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