Mayans M.C. Behind The Scenes with El Presidente [VIDEO]


Michael Irby will play the lead role of Obispo “Bishop” Losa and serve as “El Presidente” for the Mayans M.C.’s Santo Padre Charter. He is Marcus Alvarez’s cousin and an Iraq war veteran with pent-up aggression.

“From a broken home in the Salton Sea, he was taken in by the family of his cousin, Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera), Mayan MC founder and National President. After a tour of duty in Iraq and one in Pelican Bay, Bishop was sent by Alvarez to set up and run the critical Mexi-Cali border charter. He is as deadly as he is loyal.” – Deadline Hollywood

Michael Irby was one of the actors introduced to the crew during the reshoot and recasting for Mayans M.C.  Fast and Furious’ John Ortiz was originally cast to play the role of Bishop, but while Kurt Sutter was rewriting his character, the role was later given to Michael Irby, who Sutter says was a better fit for Bishop’s demeanour.

“We replaced John Ortiz with Michael Irby, and that was really in the writing because I had that [club leader] Bishop being a little bit more indecisive. He was under the wing of Alvarez [Sons’ vet Emilio Rivera]. And we realized what it did is undermine the power of that charter, of that MC, so we changed that character. He became a military guy, more aggressive, and John just wasn’t the right choice for that and that’s why we went to Irby. It had nothing to do, honestly, with performance.” – Kurt Sutter, Deadline Hollywood

We were able to find some behind the scenes footage with Michael Irby on the set of Mayans M.C. where he’s “living the life”. Check out the video below and let us know if you are looking forward to watching Irby as “El Presidente”. See more behind the scenes photos from the set of Mayans M.C.  here.

Mayans M.C. premieres on September 4th at 10 p.m. on FX.

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