Mayans M.C. ‘Kukulkan’ – Recap & Scenes From Next Week

Only 2 more episodes of Season 2 of Mayans M.C. and fans are not ready for it to be over! Last night some serious business went down and the ‘Great Scotsman’ himself, Chibs from Sons of Anarchy made his Mayans debut, but the bad blood they thought was put to rest was not…


At the end of last week, EZ met with Emily and asked her a favor to look into old records to confirm that the Galindos were the ones that sent the hit out on his parents. She was naive thinking that they could not possibly have done such a horrible thing, but she found the checks and they were signed by Dita! Miguel is becoming very suspicious of Emily’s actions and knows she has been sneaking around, this will not go well for the Reyes family. 

Potter is not done with the Reyes family either. He knows that something is going on between the Mayans, Cartel and the Rebels behind his back and he is going to use EZ and Angel for answers. Potter threatens to deport Felipe and once again the brothers must betray the club to save their family… or maybe just get rid of Potter!

The gun importing business is finally moving away from SAMCO and into the Mayans hands, playing out Jax’s wishes at the end of Sons of Anarchy. The clubs all come together to talk out the logistics, the port they have been using is no longer going to be available and they must move the shipment into Mexico. The Malvivientes, the club that the Mayans had a problem with in the previous episode, controls that port. 

The clubs decide to sit down, semi-civilized and work out a deal. The money works out in everyone’s favor and they believe that the beef between the clubs is settled. The Malvivientes have a different plan in mind and after the Sons have left they attack the Mayans. Setting fire to bikes and raiding them, shooting Riz and Coco gets burned badly messing with his eyesight. 

The final two chapters of this season continues next week, we will see if Riz survives, Coco sees again and if EZ will patch! Tune in next week at 10pm on FX!

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