Mayans M.C. S2E2 Xaman-Ek

Last night’s episode ended with quite a bang.. Literally! Episode 2 of Mayans M.C. premiered last night and it did not disappoint.


The brothers are back together and it is so great to see Angel and EZ getting along again. EZ showed Angel all the information he had been gathering on Happy, proving that he is the one that killed their mother over 8 years ago. Angel seems to be on his side when it comes to figuring out what they are going to do with this situation since Happy is a member of SAMCRO. 

The boys take a trip up to Stockton in Northern Cali but first Angel stops to see Adelita who has been hiding out. Her and Angel have been together during the break and the baby is his but she is reluctant to share that information with anyone. WONDER WHY??

As EZ and Angel are on their trip they run into some trouble along the way, there is a newer biker club that has an issue with the Mayans. Angel and EZ muscle up some trouble but the cops quickly shut it down… seems like that isn’t finished and will come back again, possibly not in a good way. 

Back in Santo Padre the focus is on the Galindo family. Emily has been working on a huge agro project but finds out there are some other major buyers trying to invest and take over the land. This project is huge for the Galindo family and they have had the Mayor in their pocket for a long time but she has dropped the ball and they could lose everything. Miguel’s mother, Dita has also been up to something… she is pretending to be disoriented after being involved in a fire (they have not shared many details about). She sneaks out of her doctors appointment to see Felipe but addresses him as Ignacio, his former name when he was a hit man for the cartel. More on that story for sure!

As for the club they are on the hunt for Mini, the little girl from Los Olvidados that is very close with Adelita. She ran away from the safe house looking for Adelita. They are not the only ones on the lookout for her, the military working with Potter have been searching for her as well. It leads them to know that the Mayans are involved in looking for her and put a tail to see what they have been up to. 

At the end EZ and Angel are with the Northern Cali Mayans and get mixed up in a shooting by a dirty cop, retribution is sure to follow in the next episode. See trailer here…