Mayans M.C. – S2E3 Camazotz

What happened last night and scenes from next week!

Mayans’ episode Camazotz aired last night and the fans got just what they have been waiting for! The creators promised retribution this season and that is exactly what we got. 


The club was out for revenge after one of their own from another chapter was killed by a dirty cop. They began the hunt for him and ended up using his partner to find where he was. The Mayans of course handled their business and gave justice to their fallen member but not without a ‘my bad’ from Coco killing the cops mom as well… oh Coco! Killing moms all the time.

Emily has certainly become comfortable in her new role of ‘Queen of the Cartel’ she saw an opportunity for a bribe of an old friend in need and she took it. A family friend of hers works in the mayor’s office and she used some financial incentive to get information on the other bidders involved in the agro project she has been working on. 

Meanwhile, Miguel met up with Potter. He took him to a rally where a higher up in the community was speaking to farmers about land that they had lost. Potter believes that she is working with Adelita to make a more democratic move into power and wants Miguel to help get her ‘bloody’ and keep that from happening. Potter was 100% correct and Miguel meets up with Adelita to let her know that Agent P is onto their plan.

Now to the juicy details!! Seems as if what the audience had been speculating was true, Felipe (aka Ignacio) was having an affair with Dita, Miguel’s mother back in the day when he was working for the cartel. They sent letters back and forth to each other and now Dita is trying to bring those memories back up. 

But the best part of all… the Reyes brothers have found Happy!!! The episode ended with them holding him at gunpoint in his house and more is to come next week. See new trailer here >>