Mayans M.C. S2E4 Lahun Chan

Recap of last night’s episode and scenes from next week.

Mayans fans had one question on their mind leading into last night’s episode… Is Happy going to die? Episode 3 left off with the Reyes brothers confronting Sons of Anarchy member, Happy in his home after learning that he was the one that killed their mother 9 years ago. After watching ‘Lahun Chan’ it is definitely not what we were expecting!


The episode opens with Angel and EZ confronting Happy and tying him up to interrogate him. Happy has been at this for awhile now, he literally has tattoos of happy face for every person he has killed. The Reyes brothers are a bit new to the whole tie up to get information scenario… but they try. Happy isn’t saying much but EZ wants to know if it was the cartel that put the hit out on his mother. EZ shares with Angel that their father and mother were not all that they thought they were. Felipe aka Ignacio used to work for the head of the cartel, Jose Galindo. 

Angel gets upset because EZ is again keeping information from him, they get into a little bro fight and have a heart to heart in the kitchen. They finally get Happy to start talking after threatening his dog, Opie (which of course Sons fans loved that he is named after the most beloved characters of the series). Happy shows them the fax he received all that time ago, said it came from Mexico and he was actually supposed to kill both their parents. The Reyes brothers and Happy come to an understanding that they are “cool” but we will see. Happy isn’t known for being a forgiving person. 

Meanwhile, on the way back to Santo Padre the rest of the club run into the Swole Boys MC that gave Angel and EZ trouble back in episode 2. Riz takes quite a spill and the Mayans call on SOA for back up. They decide to call a truce but surely the club will be asking Angel for more information.

The 2 biggest twists to come from the episode… Felipe and Dita meet up on the roof of her therapists office where she shares the Miguel is HIS!!! Another Reyes brother in the mix, can’t wait to see when that blows up. At the end of the show, the military men working for Potter track Galindo and Adelita into Mexico. They then have to pretend that Miguel found Adelita and stage a shooting. She is taken into custody for Potter to deal with next week. 

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