Mayans M.C. S2E5 Xquic


In last night’s episode, the quest to get Adelita back was on but each side had its own agenda and it did not go to plan for anyone except one.


Everyone is very tightly wound and upset about Adelita getting taken into Potters custody. We all know how evil and manipulative he can be. He shares that his plan is to keep Adelita until the baby is born and then use him or her against her for information on her Los Olvidados operation. 

Miguel is taking her capture very hard, he has grown to respect Adelita greatly but Emily has misinterpreted his respect for love. Is she wrong? Emily goes on her own investigation after finding a photo of Felipe in Ditas room. She confronts Felipe at his shop but he shuts her down explaining that all of this should be kept in the past… but we know it won’t!

When Angel finds out what has happened he lashes out at the club and then announces that he is the father of the baby. Now that they know family is on the line they are all invested in getting her back. Potter enlists Miguel to help with her transport to America as a test to see if he is playing him behind his back. Miguel sets up a plan with the M.C to interfere and get her back but he stays out front to convince that he isn’t involved. 

Agent Potter is smart but he feels as if he is losing control of the situation and deal between him and Galindo. The mercs plant decoys of 2 other “Adelitas” in case someone is planning to attack. Luckily, EZ’s memory comes to the rescue again and he realizes that she is in a different car. 

Half of the M.C. follow the car and end up killing two of the people involved with Potters operation. Before they are shot the agents let Potter know that they have a tail and he sends the police after them. Adelita is surprised to see Angel but decides she needs to stay and play out whatever Potter has in store for her. Reluctant to go but Angel and the rest of the club members escape just in time before the police arrive. 

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