Mayans M.C. S2E6 ‘Muluc’ Recap and Trailer for Next Week

Craziness continued last night on Mayans M.C. resulting in the best episode of the season! The club and the cartel work together to rescue Alvarez and EZ plays out a favor for Emily that does not go to plan…


Potter is determined to find out what really went down in Adelita’s attempted capture, he puts the Mercs on it but keeps it under the radar. He is starting to unravel a bit knowing that something is going on behind his back. 

Marcus is taken by the Mercs right before Nestor is pulling up to come help with his broken down car. He follows them but they ram his car off a cliff but not before he gets some clues to where they are going. The club and Galindo get word that he has been taken and they are on it to find where he is using Nestors information. 

Alvarez is getting beaten and waterboarded but like a boss he doesn’t give up anything or anyone! He is smart and has the Mercs text a clue to the M.C and Galindo about where he is. 

Emily tries to interrupt the meeting with the news that their bid for the agro project was compromised but she is not met with the reaction she is hoping for. Miguel throws her out, upset she goes to the next person that she knows is always there for her, EZ. They meet at the butcher shop and EZ is suckered into threatening a city planning employee for Emily.

Before all of that can go down the club, Galindo and his crew find where Alvarez is and they head out to save him. They ambush the Mercs and Alvarez gets to finish off Hobart himself! Leaving them all dead, Potter still does not have his answer but he has a new target, Felipe. 

After the mission is complete and Alvarez is safe, EZ goes to confront the employee, Marlon but it does not work out how he planned. His threat is not taken well and Marlon pulls a gun on EZ and it ends with a BANG right into Marlons head. 

This season just keeps getting better and better! Cannot wait for next Tuesday, check out scenes from next week >>