Mayans M.C. S2E7 ‘Tohil’ – Recap & Scenes From Next Week

Last night’s Mayans episode was filled with action and emotion! Mayans fans finally got to see the M.C. take care of real club business instead of always doing things for Galindo and it was intense!


As for now it seems as though EZ is in the clear with his mishap with the city employee, Marlon that was killed at the end of episode 6. They ruled it as a suicide with the help of EZ laying out evidence, but not all are convinced that there was not foul play. EZ and Emily might have to watch their backs a bit, Miguel sensed something was off and started having Nestor keep tabs on her whereabouts.

Coco’s estranged daughter, Leti is back in the mix and bringing some trouble with her as always. She recently met a new friend whose family has been kept hostage by some coyotes because they say they need more money. She brings this to Coco’s attention and the club gets involved once finding out that the coyotes are associated with an M.C. in Mexico. The rival club has been taking the immigrants that cannot pay and selling them into trafficking or killing them.

Bishop is troubled, he feels that if they had not been so wrapped up in doing things for the cartel that this would not of been happening in their territory. The M.C. decides they need to handle this and they get to searching for the halfway house. EZ and the girl Gaby, whose family has been taken have quite the little connection. They share a few moments back at the club house and Leti notices something is up. More on that we hope!!

The club finds one house and raids, killing a few of the Mexican club’s guys and freeing the hostages. Gaby’s mother and brother are not there and one of the men being held knows where they are keeping them. They find the warehouse where they are being kept in cages with very limited water and food. The Mayans swarm and kill all the members of the Mexican M.C. and rescue the families including Gaby’s.

There is a heartfelt reunion between the families and the club feels victorious. Fans felt the reality of the situation since this is a very real issue going on in our world today.

 In the end, EZ meets up with Emily and he lets her in on what all went down between him and Marlon. Since he did her this favor she owes him one, he is going to ask her to dig into if the hit on his parents came from Galindo. 

Very exciting things coming next week, even a cameo of a Sons of Anarchy favorite!! Watch full trailer >>