Mayans M.C. S2E9 ‘Itzam-Ye’ – Recap and Scenes From Season Finale

Only 1 more episode to go in season 2 of Mayans M.C. This season has been a crazy roller coaster and fans are in for a huge finale next week! The Mayans are itching for retaliation on the VM but they aren’t the only ones out for revenge. The Reyes family finally found out who sent the hit on Marisol Reyes almost 10 years ago.


The club was dealing with all the aftermath of the attack on them at the end of last week. Coco has lost part of his eye site and may not regain it back. Riz has been shot a few times and is now on a ventilator and in a coma.

The M.C. now has a major decision to make, retaliate or mark it as equal and keep things civil for the good of the gun business. The club is divided, but after talking with the other charter Presidents, Bishop decides that it is best that the do not seek revenge. Another club member has different plans.

In the Galindo household things are icy… Miguel knows that Emily has secrets involving the Reyes family and he is determined to find out. Dita opens up to Emily about her past and what happened the night of the fire. She helps Emily meet up with the Reyes family, does she know what they are about to find out?

The Reyes men are starting to piece together the events of Marisol’s death. They all get together with Emily at Felipe’s house. Felipe finally tells them about the affair and how it ended with Dita broken hearted. This is what caused them to flee Mexico and change their names. Emily shows them all of the checks signed by Dita for the transfers that were used to pay off the hitman assigned to kill EZ and Angels parents. Shocked by the news they determine that Miguel must of been the one that hired the hitman. 

Emily is terrified by what this news means, she knows EZ and how much finding out who killed his mother has affected his whole life. She offers to help EZ and Angel with their Potter dilemma in exchange that they do not harm her family. 

The ending scenes are the most intense of all!

Back at the hospital, Taza is alone in the room with Riz and he unplugs his ventilator sending him into ventricular fibrillation causing him to die. Taza has a serious history with the Vatos in Mexico and knows that this death will lead to retaliation. 

After the meeting with Emily, EZ sees a photo of Dita and has a vision of a night back before his mother passed. It was Dita spotting his parents at a carnival. He knew then that Dita had never gotten over the affair and she was the one to request the hit on his parents. 

It all comes to a close next week! Will the Mayans avenge Riz? Will Adelita have the baby? What is to come to the Reyes family in the wake of this news and the deal with Potter?!

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