Mayans M.C. Season 1 RECAP

The time has come, prospects! Season 2 premiere of Mayans M.C. is in 1 week. Season 1 of Mayans was a break out hit for FX network and fans have been waiting a long time to watch what will happen next. Co-creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James have been hard at work with the writers and the cast since January 2019 and have been dropping little hints about what is to come along the way. 

The season ended back in November 2018, we wanted to put together a little recap group by group for fans to refresh and get ready to ROLLOUT next week! Here are the highlights…


Reyes Family: EZ, the youngest member of the family is newly out of prison for accidentally killing a cop when going after his mother’s killer many years before. EZ has made a deal to get out of prison in exchange for collecting intel on the Galindo Cartel. EZ will be working closely with the Cartel by joining the Mayans M.C. as a prospect, Angel his brother is a member. He must report all of his information to his cousin and do his best not to get locked up again. 

At first, only Felipe (EZ and Angels father) knows about EZ’s deal but at the end of the season, Angel finds out. After getting caught with a body in their trunk, both brothers are roped into a deal with shady agent Lincoln Potter, who is after the Cartel. Angel is disgusted by this betrayal from his own brother and pressures EZ to leave the club after they have completed their mission from Potter, killing their cousin. 

In the last episode, EZ decides to go against his brothers wishes and has a sit down with Bishop, the president of the M.C., and asks him to become his new sponsor as prospect instead of Angel. The same night Angel sees Happy, a member of the Sons Of Anarchy, at the Mayans clubhouse and immediately places him at the one he was after the night he shot the cop and landed himself in prison. 

Meanwhile, during all this brotherly drama the audience finds out that ole Felipe Reyes is not as innocent as he seems. He has a dark past of working as a hit man and has been trying for a long time to move on. More on that subject is left for season 2…

The M.C. – The main underground job of the Mayans is to be drug runners for the Galindo Cartel. They hide and transport drugs state to state and also have a tunnel going from Santo Padre to Mexico. They are responsible for jobs here and there for the Cartel but they become more involved with the help of the head of the Mayans, Alvarez. In the first episode, their shipment gets jacked, it is thought that the club may have a mole. 

A few of the members have their own side jobs going on behind the clubs back. Angel, Gilly and Coco all full patch members have been secretly working with Los Ovidados, a rebel group with an agenda to take down the Cartel. Angel includes EZ in on the deal because he thinks he can trust him, but all goes haywire when the rebels kidnap Miguel, the head of the cartel’s, baby boy. 

Also, while trying to cover-up an accidental killing, Angel and Gilly find ahidden tunnel from Mexico to the secretary of the club, Riz’s girlfriends place. Angel decides to rat on Riz to seem like the mole and takes on his role as the new secretary. 

Coco has some family drama of his own. He becomes close to his daughter who for her whole life thought Coco was her brother. She was raised by his mom and did not spend much time with him. She has been running tricks of her own as a semi-prositute and lies to Coco about his mom beating her. Enraged, Coco goes to confront his mother and ends up killing her. 

At the end of the season the Mayans become even more entangled with the Cartel and Alvarez decides to hang up his cut and leave the Mayans to work for the cartel. 

Galindo Cartel – The cartel has been around for many years and is now run by Miguel Galindo. He is very powerful and tends to get his way by any means necessary. Early on it is known that he is married to Emily, who used to be in a long-term relationship with EZ before he went to prison. Miguel and Emily have a son together who gets kidnapped by Los Ovidados. Distraught and desperate to get their son back Emily becomes more involved in the workings of the cartel. Their efforts keep failing until Miguel decides to make a deal with the head of the Los Ovidados, Adelita to begin working with her and he gets his son back. 

As soon as all seems well with the Galindo family, Emily and Miguel are taken into custody by Lincoln Potter and the feds. They threaten both of them to get information. Emily learns of EZ’s deal to get out of prison but stays strong in supporting her husband. Miguel makes a deal to be controlled by the feds but without their knowledge he will be double crossing them and working with Los Ovidados and the Mayans. 

Los Ovidados – A rebel group comprised of all members that have been orphaned or affected by doings of the Galindo Cartel. The head of the group Adelita, watched her parents and brother brutally murdered by the cartel henchmen and it has become her life’s mission to gain followers and go against the cartel. They send out propaganda here and there and stage a kidnapping of Miguel’s son. They gain intel from Angel and the other Mayans and move from place to place so they are never found. There is a possible romance happening between Angel and Adelita but more on that in the next season. 

The rebels plan plays out and they get Galindo on their side because they know if they are a team they will be unstoppable. Miguel keeps his promise and gives the members a safe place to stay and he delivers the man who killed Adelitas family, who happens to be his right hand man, Devante. She murders him and Alvarez takes over his job after leaving the M.C.

We cannot wait for the premiere of season 2 on September 3rd at 10pm on FX! You can fully catch up on season 1 now available on DVD and also streaming on Hulu. Check out the latest trailer….

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