Mayans M.C. Season 2 Teaser [NEW]

Newest update on season 2! Mayans fans have been patiently awaiting season 2. Many hoping that it will be longer than the first that concluded after only 10 episodes in November 2018. Creators said they would be back in the writing room starting in January 2019.

Kurt Sutter spoke earlier this year to The Hollywood Reporter about his writing process, “It’s hard for my brain to shut down, so if there’s a theme or an idea, I’ll jot that down. I don’t want to start unpacking things in my head. I just want to let it sit for a minute… I like to come into each season with at least a loose sense of structure and where I want it to go. My writers help me get there.” Season 1 ended with a lot of possible directions that the show could go. Can’t wait to see what will happen to EZ and the club next, but we did get a little glimpse yesterday!

Creator, Kurt Sutter posted this photo to his Twitter (@sutterink) of actor Antonio Jaramillo that plays Michael ‘Riz’ Ariza.

Captioning “El Secretario. Who’s ready for season 2?” and we all respond to his question with….

Season 2 will be back September 3rd! As always we will keep you updated on the latest news, surely Sutter will keep teasing us until the last minute!

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