Mayans M.C. Talk Season 2 at Comic-Con

Get excited prospects, the Mayans M.C. cast and crew were at comic con this weekend and they spilled some awesome details about the new season. Unfortunately, co-creator Kurt Sutter could not make it this year but Elgin James and all our favorites made an appearance. They all hit the panel Sunday, July 21st and it was really great to see they love that they have for all the writers and each other. 

Edward James Olmos (Felipe Reyes) seen here in this clip talking about how the table read is the first time they all get to read the script. The cast gets to experience the twists, emotion and laughter all at once as a group. The writers do an amazing job of bringing the characters and culture to life in this small forgotten town.

After panel, Elgin James (co-creator), J.D. Pardo (EZ Reyes), Clayton Cardenes (Angel Reyes), Edward James Olmos (Felipe Reyes) and Sarah Bolger (Emily Thomas) all went around for even more exclusive interviews, including this one with IGN live. J.D. Pardo talks about how season 2 has a central theme of retribution, especially after learning at the end of season 1 who killed Angel and his mother. EZ’s character is more into the why of his mother’s death and learning that this world is where he belongs. They all danced around trying not to give 100% answers or spoilers for what is to come but with Happy from SAMCRO as the main target there is sure to be some Sons of Anarchy crossover.

See full interview here >>

Mayans fans everywhere can’t wait to see what happens in season 2. Mayans M.C. will be back on FX on September 3rd at 10pm!

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