Most Unique Motorcycle In The World – The Recidivist

You might of thought you had seen every possible custom upgrade you could have on a bike… wait until you see this! ‘The Recidivist’ is the first ever fully tattooed motorcycle in the world, made up of a biker’s wardrobe… leather and ink!

This one of a kind ride has the base from a Harley-Davidson Heritage but every single inch of this thing has been fully customized. The creators at Game Over Cycles have thought about every detail in their 3000 hours of construction and the 2500 hours under the needle. ‘The Recidivist’ means ‘convicted criminal that repeatedly offends’ referring to how many convicted felons often use tattoos to tell their story. The art on the bike tells stories everywhere including on the newly added sidecar addition.

The bike is covered in cowhide leather in a light tan color to represent skin and details all around it are made out of actually parts from tattoo guns. The best one is the needles that move out of the exhaust pipe to look just like they do when getting a tattoo!

Watch the history and the making of this amazing bike…

What do you think of ‘The Recidivist’? Have you seen it in person?