Motorcycle Association’s Great Efforts In Helping U.S Veterans[VIDEO]

Two members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association talk about all the great things their chapter does for U.S. veterans with MPT’s Nancy Yamada. Members have all bonded with a love of being on the open road but also with the shared experiences of being in combat overseas. Veteran Shannon, explains that being on a motorcycle is…

“Better than any medication the VA can give us, everything goes away. Just you the motorcycle and the wind, it’s just magical”. 

The members all understand what it is like to have that camaraderie being in the military and how much it is missed once they come home. Now they have that again and strive to help others feel like they have a safe space to talk about their time fighting for our freedom. The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association main goals are to help raise funds for struggling veterans by working closely with homeless shelters and suicide prevention, the need is greatest among Vietnam War Veterans. They want to make sure that “no-one falls through the cracks” and that they know that it is okay to ask for help.

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As we always say the wind is the best medicine and we thank them for all the work they are doing to help our brave veterans. Click to learn more about the Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association.

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