Motorcycle Painting Time Lapse by Albie Espinola

“Mark Griffin” Time-Lapse Painting By Albie Espinola

Albie Espinola is a talented artist who’s got a passion for art and motorcycles. From a young age his affection for art came naturally, but his love for motorcycles and the biker lifestyle stemmed from growing up next to a bike shop in London. His inspiration comes from Harley-Davidson motorcycles and artists like David Mann and Van Gogh. He has dedicated his life to painting scenes featuring riders and their motorcycles. If he’s not painting, he’s riding the streets of London on his red custom Harley-Davidson Sportster.

“Catching moments that last is my way of contributing to the world. I live a life of adventure, love and freedom. I am the motorcycle world’s artist-in-residence… My intuitive eye produces paintings that are made using many layers, revealing detail as more oil paint gets added to the surface… I document my art from start to finish via time-lapse video because I think it is just as important to let people know how much work goes into the paintings, as much as the final piece.” – Albie Espinola Website

“Mark Griffin” – Oil Painting by Albie Espinola – Photo Source:

We couldn’t be more thrilled to feature Albie Espinola’s time-lapse oil painting video on BikerOrNot. In the video below, he paints Mark Griffin, a rider from England, and his beloved Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It’s incredible to see how his paintings come to life with each brushstroke. Check out the video below!

You can find out more about Albie and his motorcycle art at his website

We look forward to sharing more time-lapse painting videos from Albie soon! Let us know what you think of his art in the comments below. Feel free to share this video with friends!

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