Motorcycle Surfing at 50+ MPH

Motorcycle Surfing at 50 MPH – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Look mom! No hands! We don’t recommend trying this at home…

Film maker Scott David Winn captured this incredible footage of moto surfers in Utah. These bikes are traveling at over 50 MPH, lead by moto surfer Richard Wirthlin and fellow stunt riders Nemat Moosavi, Rev Clark, Damian Garcia, Kade Mangelson, and Paul Swindler.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen stunts like this, motorcycle builder known as Indian Larry was famous for pulling stunts like this without wearing a helmet. Sadly, in 2004 while Indian Larry was performing his motorcycle standing stunt, he fell to his death.

Watch the incredible footage of Richard Wirthlin’s moto surfing:

Video Source: ScottDW YouTube Channel

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