New Mayans M.C. Behind The Scenes Teaser

Sutter and the club are at it again! On June 10th Kurt Sutter (@sutterink) posted this behind the scenes look of the cast and crew filming a club meeting on the set. Sounds like they are already looking to cause some TROUBLE!


(ABOVE) This was Sutter’s first behind the scenes teaser video of the M.C. riding up looking to confront some people back in May. Hopefully we will be getting answers soon!

Season 2 is rumored to be back early this Fall. The ending of last season definitely kept a lot of questions open, maybe even some Sons of Anarchy cameos?? Can’t wait to see what the club gets into next. We will keep an eye out for any new updates. So ready for Season 2 to #ROLLOUT!

What are you looking forward to unfold in the new season?

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