Pamela Shanteau, Motorcycle Airbrush Artist

Pamela Shanteau, has been an airbrush artist for over 40 years. Shanteau is a self taught artist whose passion for art came at a young age. In a male dominated automotive industry, she’s leading the way for other women who want to pursue the art of airbrushing.

One of Shanteau’s proudest works is a 2015 Camaro with a custom patriotic theme. The car features an airbrushed American Bald Eagle and other star spangled embellishments. Shanteau has even customized automobiles and motorcycles for several famous athletes and celebrities. She credits Barry Manilow’s Paradise Tour airplane as one of her most recognized works.

While teaching art in New York City, she had the opportunity to write and publish her books “The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook” and “Custom Automotive Motorcycle Airbrushing”.

Check out the video below to watch an exclusive interview with automotive airbrush artist Pamela Shanteau.