Redneck Engineering At It’s Finest: Dirtbike Moto-Boat

Motorcycle / Dirtbike Powered Boat – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Now this is some impressive redneck engineering. This dirt bike powered boat was spotted in Canyon Lake Arizona and it’s pretty awesome. Steering the boat looks like it’s still in the “testing” stage (LOL). This reminds me of something one of buddies would rig up in the middle of summer.

The video was uploaded by an intrigued bystander. Here’s the video’s description on YouTube:

“At Canyon Lake this weekend (10-9-2011) there was this very clever guy who took an old dirt bike motorcycle and modified it so it would power a boat! He cut the rear tire in scallops and then modified each scallop so they would act like little paddles. A little after the video ended, the motor on the dirt bike seized up, but for the brief trip it was able to make, it sure got a lot of attention!”

Would you or someone you know rig up something like this? Be sure to share this with them and tell us what you thought in the comments below.

Check out the video of the motorcycle powered boat below:

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