Ridiculous Harley-Davidson Burnout Fail!

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

We love to have our fair share of motorcycle fails here at BON right? Today’s your lucky day, BON friends and family, because we have in store, just for you, video of a super ridiculous Harley-Davidson burnout fail! No joke, the only burnout happening on this cruiser, is on the clutch. This video is almost painful to watch, really. The rider setup to burnout in style, with confidence, thinking he was about to lay down some serious rubber….annnnnd nope. Just nope. He pulled off a whole lot of nope.

The average weight of a standard Harley-Davidson cruiser, depending on the year, model, and options, is anywhere between 500 and 1,000 pounds. The dude in today’s video seems to misunderstand that, as it’s obvious he has all that displacement to work with and no power to back it up. We’re really starting to feel more sad for that motorcycle than we do the guy trying to do a burnout on it. As YouTube commenter MrJimmy1437 says,

Take a close look at this guy. He is the blowhard stereotype that I have railed against and made fun of for years. He has his clown outfit nailed right down to the last patch. Notice the boots, the vest, jewelry, the big overweight Hog.  I have always labeled his type, as the truck driver type.  He could not ride a bike that didn’t have footboards.  I bet, if he follows the usual pattern, he will lie by 20-30 mph the top speed of that Hog. 56 hp and 900lbs just will not cut it!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Mr. Jimmy.

Check out the ridiculousness below, and add your thoughts to the comments section. Do you agree with Mr. Jimmy, or do you think this guy had a shot at doing a burnout at all? Do you feel bad for the dude?

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