Season 2 of Mayans M.C. Premiere

What happened last night and scenes from this season.

The time has finally come Mayans fans! Season 2 premiered last night and it was everything the audience has been waiting for! Some answers and even more questions…


Taking place a few months from where season 1 left off…the Mayans are still running drugs for the cartel and also working with the feds on “getting rid” of Los Olvidados, at least that is what agent Potter thinks.  EZ is settling into his role of prospect and seems like Bishop and the club are happy about that except for Angel. The Reyes brothers are still not speaking to each other and the club is not going to deal with that much longer, especially with EZ’s patch voting coming up. 

EZ has been hard at work gaining information on Happy and putting the pieces together that he is in fact the one that killed his mother. Meanwhile, Happy is at the club delivering guns when he sees Felipe and he realizes that his sons are members of the club and he has possibly made a mistake by killing their mom. We see later, Happy looking at old memories and he has a file with info on both Felipe and their mother. 

The biggest news to come up was that Adelita, the leader of Los Olvidados is PREGNANT! It is not yet known who the father is but there is speculation that it could be Angels… or by the way Emily acts at the end of the episode, could it be Miguels?

We will have to wait and see, here are scenes from season 2 of Mayans….