Sons Of Anarchy Death Compilation Video

December will mark 5 years since FX’s Sons Of Anarchy ended and for those of us who loved the show we still feel the loss. Each episode was packed with drama, uncertainty and often the feeling of grief when some of our favorite characters were brutally killed off. After seven seasons the audience grew to love these characters, their deaths were heartbreaking but often necessary. The club got themselves in some sticky situations that could only be solved with murder. Each member got what was coming to them or in some cases someone innocent had to pay the price.

Check out this video of all the important and memorable deaths throughout the series. It brings back some crazy memories of all the drama that went down with SAMCRO and some that we forgot.

We all have that death in the show that hit us the hardest but it’s one of the reasons Sons of Anarchy was so iconic. Which death do you remember the most?

Luckily the memory of Sons of Anarchy lives on with FX’s spin-off series Mayans M.C. that is headed for its season 2 premiere in early September 2019. Hopefully there will be even more crossover between Mayans and Sons this coming season.

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