The How To Cheat Guide by Harley-Davidson

Photo credit: Youtube Screenshot
How To Cheat Guide – Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot

Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This commercial was created about 5-years ago and has generated some significant controversy. People do not like the association of motorcycle and cheating on your wife.

Here are some of the comments from my Facebook Page:

* Dumb as hell. Harley has scrapped the bottom
* Wrong for so many reasons.
* Really stupid
* That’s totally disrespectful. Get a life.
* Boo

I never saw this air on television. I’m not sure if it ever made it there. It’s funny. It gets people talking but I also think it angers bikers because it plays to the stereotype that bikers are cheaters. This just is not true!

Anyway… I wanted to share it with everyone and get your opinion. If you Like or Don’t Like please leave your thoughts in the comments.

If you want to see a less controversial H-D commercial then check this commercial.

There is also an unseen Super Bowl commercial here (I don’t think anyone can object to this one).

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  1. What a dumb commercial! Most people hear a Harley a block away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!

  2. Ya’ll missed the whole point. The couple in bed were married. The husband hid in the closet while the biker did his wife…

  3. I ride a harley and you can hear me 3 blocks away with the stereo cranked. this is just wrong on so many levels!!!

  4. Bad move Harley Davidson, First of all not all of us who ride Your machines Live in a Trailer, If the message is one of respect for a biker , this sure in the hell isn’t the way to get it. How about a commercial that shows a kid that has fallen of his bike and is hurt and the whole group of us stop and help him, while the rest of the neighbors just watch, his mom comes out and thanks all of us. For thinking to stop and help. THATs WHAT WE DO. not lay in bed and cheat on our men.

  5. Good GOD, you guys are a buncha killjoys! This is funny because its just fuckin FUNNY. And anyone who’s pipes can be heard from three blocks away with the stereo cranked is just a annoyance to his neighbors.

  6. As some have said either you get it or you don’t. I personally think it is hilarious, although a helping hand commercial would be a way to go as well….

  7. This thing was friggin hilarious. Anyone who couldn’t get the humor in this needs to take the flagpole out of your ass and quit bitching. Leave your dick comments to yourself. If you don’t find this funny, you should be riding a Honda and not a Harley.

  8. There’s a lot of preperation H needs to passed out cause there sure is a lot of butt hurt going around! Buhahahaha

  9. Personally, i think it’ in bad taste if it was mean to advertise for Harley Davidson, but it’s extremely funny and probably be taken just as it is for that only.

  10. That’s awesome. For all of you who don’t get it. You really are slow witted people!!!

  11. This is funny. It’s the reason we all bought bikes to start with. All of you that think it’s sick and wrong probably know what the inside of the closet looks like. I wouldn’t think it is an official HD commercial in the United States but it is a good video

  12. Some of you have absolutely no sense of humor! It’s supposed to be humorous, Don’t be such pussies!!!

  13. So the married dude likes to watch his wife with another man…. new fangled cuckold fetish that is popular on porn sites now…. been around for years though, just becoming more mainstream….

  14. OMG it was a play on the traditiona and long upholding ‘bad boy’ image of a biker, that is supposed to be funny. Bunch of killjoys, all of you. Go back to complaining about school canteen lunches or something. ..and to the dickhead that said hes a biker and all bikers dont live in trailers. 1: it wasnt the bikers house. Dumass. 2: I dont believe that HD in any way wanted to imply that all bike owners live in trailers. or cheat with other mens wives while their husbands watch in fear from the closet. Its a Joke. ..Dumass.

  15. First off I ride a Harley. Second, I have a sense of humor & this is not humorous. Infidelity may be funny to those who haven’t been a victim of it. Third, I live in a mobilehome not a trailer. This does not make me scum of the earth. I have a job & pay taxes. Fourth, the biker who thinks he could enter my house & lay with my wife would have balls of steel & a peanut brain & better have his last will & testament completed.

  16. I think every woman wants her man to be that bold, that powerful. If a girl thinks otherwise, ask yourself what kinds of wussy’s she’s turned on by., Chances are, she’s drawn to power and wont admit it. If she’the dominant, one ash yourself if you’re man enough to tame her ir if she’s getting the best of you

  17. stupid, makes bikers out to be slavers. guess hes a bad ass outlaw or somthin. thought harley was getting away from that image.

  18. THIS IS AWESOME…STOP BITCHING PEOPLE, what has the world come to .. a bunch of pussies.. always crying about every little fuckin thing. JESUS.SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

  19. This is fucking funny! You dumb asses take life too serious. Of all people I would think that Harley riders would not take life so damn serious. Harley pipes stock are not loud.

    The idea that a man would hide in the closet and let another man have sex with his wife because he has that much respect for him because he rides a Harley is funny.

  20. Ba ha ha ha….I thought it was the stupidest commercial at first too. I was hoping to see him ride away on an even better Harley. Then I watched it a second time and noticed the picture. Ba ha ha ha….Now that’s respect for the Harley….Man!!

  21. Nice. Stay classy, Harley. Time for me to sell my POS. WTF was I thinking that Harley was evolving from redneck cheater nimrods into a more modern and respectful of women and men riding brand.

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