The Ultimate Wind Therapy Playlist


We believe happiness is… a motorcycle, a full tank of gas, the open road, and a rockin’ road trip mix. There’s nothing like letting loose in the wind while jamming to your favorite pedal to the metal tunes. With the help from members, we’ve put together an ultimate motorcycle road trip playlist to get you revved up for your next ride.

Whether you’re making the trek to your favorite motorcycle rally (Sturgis, anyone?) or just cruising for your daily dose of wind-therapy, this playlist is sure to get you ready for the highway.

Did we forget your favorite cruising song? Leave your favorite pedal to the metal tune in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list.

Ride on!

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lynryd red



  1. Doobie Brothers – China Grove. Moonshine Bandits all most anything by them. George Thoroughgood – Move it on over, One bourbon-one shot and one beer etc. Allman Bros. Band – Midnight Rider. Eric Clapton – Tore Down. Blues Brothers – Sweet Home Chicago and Flip, Flop, Fly. Most of ZZ Tops hits….you know the usual.

  2. You can’t have Thorogood without Bad to the Bone

    Early morning start, sun coming up….Hotel California.