Two-Wheel Technology: Samsung Smart Windshield

Samsung Smart Windshield – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

For some, riding is a way of getting away from life’s distractions and disconnecting with the rest of the world, and sometimes unplugging from technology is a hard task. We’ve become so attached to our phones, texting, snapping, and video chatting our way through life. When it comes to doing it all while driving or riding, it turns lethal.

Samsung Italia has just released a new “road safety” technology concept for motorcycles called Smart Windshield. It’s a motorcycle windshield that connects with your smartphone and projects GPS navigation and displays alerts you when you receive calls, texts, emails, and other notifications on the windshield of your motorcycle. You can even set an automatic text reply to let people know you’re on the road and you will call them back later. All you would need to install is the windshield technology, download the app, and connect to wi-fi. The Smart Windshield is currently just a concept and is not yet on the market.

Samsung Smart Windshield – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Samsung’s Smart Windshield technology claims to offer motorcyclists more safety by allowing riders to keep their smartphones in their pockets and their hands on the handlebars. It was originally developed in order to combat distracted driving of “young motorcycle riders” in Italy, but there are many arguments that this would be even more distracting than having your phone simply mounted to your motorcycle. We did some digging and here’s what others are saying about the new technology:

“Seems to me like this is a good idea, but they took it a little too far with the email and texting. I would think that would be too much input for the rider to have while behind the bars. Maybe see WHO is texting and not what they are texting. Email is too much. Anything that would distract like that would be too much in my opinion.” –

“I’m on the fence though and refuse to look at any ancillary device while moving. My GPS is tied into the radio for voice only. I guess I come down on the side of “not a good idea”. AND it must also be a good windshield; those are hard to find in my experience.” –

“Cars do that already. And if there aren’t already laws limiting the display of what a driver can see……..there soon will be.” –

Samsung Smart Windshield – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot


Would you use this technology? For me, I wouldn’t use it, it would be a distraction from the pure freedom experience of being on two-wheels. I ride to enjoy the scenery, get fresh air, clear my mind, and be one with the road, it would be hard to truly feel “free” with glowing notifications popping up in front of me while I ride. What do you think?

Check out the demonstration video of Samsung’s Smart Windshield technology below before you make up your mind. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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