Update Scheduled for January 23, 2012

BON Members:

On Monday January 23 there will be an upgrade to BikerOrNot.

Some of the improvements include:

1. More privacy settings for Fan Pages

The creators of Fan Pages will now have the ability to ban any member from their page.

Links in Status Updates (both on the Home Page and Fan Pages) will be hyperlinked. You must format the hyperlink as http://www.website.com or www.website.com.

We encourage Fan Page members to attach photos to their comments and to post Youtube videos with the Attach a Link feature.

2. Top Photos

Yes! Top Photos is back. Simply click on Photos and then Top Photos to see the most commented photos on all of BON.

3. Blogs

The Blogs feature on BON is used by less than 2% of all users. Members are now using their Status Update on the Home Page to share content with their friends. So, a decision has been made to phase out the Blogs.

On Monday, January 23 the Blogs will no longer be available. If you have content in the blogs that you would like to save then I encourage you to capture that content before the Monday deadline.

If you would like to comment on any of these changes or report any bugs please visit:


James Plouf


  1. It seems there are alot of people very unhappy with the changes here. I am not one for changeing things for the worse myself but to each there own I guess,, what i want to know is what is going on with the chat feature here?? Is this sight doing away with cam chatting? If so I think it’s a very thoughtless move. People make friends and develop relationships trough webchat and I think it’s wrong for a sight be it free or not to offer something and when the people who come to your sight and come to depend on seeing there friends there and rely on being able to see them on cam and have a place to chat with them. Its wrong to take that away from people along with all the other shit people are pist about,, if you wanna change your sight and make it better you should try asking people what they would like to have. and it shouldnt matter what the % is,, are you goin by a percentage of the total number of users here??? cause if you are then you should know that more then half of yoru total users are fake profiles and spammers, you should worry about and focus on the people who are real and actually come here daily to chat in the blogs or in the chatrooms on cam.

  2. ok,, wlel i guess chat is gonna be around still,, but there are and have been rumors it is going to be removed,, i think this would be very bad choice,, lots of people really like webchat and alot have come to depend on it too see and chat with there friends,, so i hope chat is here to stay,, if you could though,, plz try to do something about the cam quality,, it is very very bad. ty.

  3. Our freedom to express ourselves via formats such as the forums and blogs are removed because we don’t matter. The ads that sponsors put on BON are what matter. Think about that before you buy. If we can’t have something that brings us joy then why should we even look at any of the ads or visit their sites to buy anything. When the forums were removed… I understood having to remove them. The blogs being removed is another loss of freedom of speech. Thanks BON! You Rock… NOT!

  4. I was pointed to the biker asylum, and its a blast! It has blogs and forums and the people on the site are fucking hilarious! It is set up like a mental facility, and it has been a lot of fun. You should check it out, you wont be disappointed! Its everything this place used to be and better. The owner and his team are on a lot and answer questions and take suggestions. bikerasylum.com

  5. Your website is ridiculous!!! your moderators keep deactivating my profile when CLEARLY there are women on your “top photo’s” that show way more than my pics do!! So either there is a moderator who is pissed that I wont’ give him my phone # after all tons of men ask for it and never get it or some jealous female moderator keeps deactivating me… You guys are so becoming like eHarmony!!! that is what the majority on BON say. If you’re gonna deactivate my profile, then go through the ENTIRE website and deactivate ALL the women who are pretty!!!

  6. BikersCredo.com now that is a REAL BIKER website! perhaps you all don’t have actual Bikers running yours!!

  7. A regressive business model based on close emulation that ignores the baseline principles is a perfect recipe for failure. A social network design based on content will always fail and always has. A design must have connectivity and this place has been absolutely strip mined of connectivity and barely has any content left to speak of. You are in fact the architect of multiple websites being created to fill the void and they all thank you. The biggest “OR NOT” is the site itself now…

  8. since the Jan.23 update of BON, I have been having trouble viewing the website. If I click on anything from the home page it shuts me down. what is going on?

  9. WOW….. No Blog’s on BON! WTF? Just when you thought things couldn’t SUCK more than “Hoover”! BTW…. Less than 2%…. BS, I don’t by that!….

  10. James and BoN,

    Thank you for adding the option of widow / widower status. There are many of us that have been asking for this for several years. This is a biker site, bikers die on bikes, often as a result of inattentive cage drivers, and many other reasons. I appreciate the option to add the w/w status as it first shows that many of us are not single by choice buy by fate, and secondly, riding a bike is a serious decision that requires care and attention. And unfortunately accidents happen, people die or are injured for life. It helps to serve as a reminder of the commitment many of us have to riding. And finally, the pain of loss is unimaginable and unless you have been through it you will never understand. Making a connection to others that do understand is helpful and very much appreciated.

  11. Still not use to the new format. With time i guess I will figure it out. One thing I would like to see if possible is a section were people can post rides (turn by turn) they think are great to take. This would not be an event just a go out and have fun experiencing roads that may be new to you. I have one in the El Dorado County area in California that I think is nice, but no where to put it.

  12. What is wrong with BON lately never being able to get on the website?

    Really screwed up a date for the weekend.

  13. hmmmmmm why is it when i try to post on Home Page it just goes to MY Profile page is it a glitch ?? or am i missing something ??

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  15. Do the tech’s even read this, if so wish they could repair their screwup’s. Since the new update my account takes everyones post and repost them VIA this is BS. Some pinhead takes something that was working and ruin it. I see a lot of people don’t get on here anymore and now I understand why

  16. How do I post picture that I take to my wall from my computer and have them populate in the upright position instead of sideways…
    how do I post pictures in my album to my wall that I have corrected the rotation already..

    please advise.

  17. this is the 3 note ive written!! first of all you were not accepting my password…..then that was fixed. now no one is able to send me a friend request or a message ir even an invite!!!those options have just vanished from my page. they dont show up under my photo listed on my friends pages either. seems like more andmore people have been leaving bon andunless you get this fixed i will be one of them. i like bon and want to stay…please fix this!! thanks

    ps ive been checking other people’s pages and i appear to be the only one ive seen with this issue

  18. BON should reconcider its decision. The Blog open up doors to new friends even though it was not widly used by the members. If we wanted to be limited to only the friends we have we wouldnt have joined BON. If we wanted a FACEBOOK look a like we would have just created a BIKER page in FACEBOOK.
    I truely hope that you see the significance of the BLOG and add it back and bring back this site to its previous glory. This limited only see the people you chose as friends updates is bull!
    To limited and restrained for a BIKER we like choices and some conflit stuff we had with BLOGS!!!

  19. B.O.N. used to be a great site to network about motorcycles, riding and events. Since the fan pages hit B.O.N. it has become more like Facebook, which I hate. There is a reason we do not use FB and we do not want B.O.N. to be similar. I am sick of seeing all the crap that pops up on the wall. Is there some way B.O.N. can get a grip on the ridiculous fan page subjects that have nothing to do with bikes, riding, or events? Or just cut them out all together! They do not promote the reasons most of us got on the site, they are taking up way too much space, and many are beginning to look for other bike sites that stay true to purpose.

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  21. We NEED blogs, as the feed/status has a limited length thus forcing us 2 put comment after comment 2 finish what u want 2 say, it’s archaic & annoying!
    Either bring back blogs or make the feed/status & comments unlimited length like most other sites are now…
    Thnx =)

  22. I have shown my girlfriend fixedelement how to log in to her bon sight but she continues to use mine. she was tired of the same old pictures on your home sight. she requested a change under my account so you changed them and put my picture instead. could you please delete mine and replace it with hers. she was disappointed to see mine and not hers. surprise her please. that would make her day because she’s on your site a lot. thank you, greatly appreciated. shes fixedelement

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  24. I’ll right away seize your rss as I can’t in finding your email subscription link or newsletter service.
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  25. BON needs to make it available to “LIKE” what others comment on someone else post. Example: [ Biker #1 post whatever then Biker #2 comments on Biker #1 post. Others see post and reads the comments. Biker #3 agrees or likes what Biker #2 said on Biker #1 post. It would be nice to be able to click (like) on Biker #2 comment. ] Is this something that came be done James?

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  34. Have been trying to log in for a long time now as well as quite a few people I know on this site. It won’t let us in at all!!!!!! I refuse to make another account and lose all the people I have met through this site. Get it together!! Fix your problems!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Hi
    I could not find a contact us do maybe you can forward this to the right people.

    I was friended by a Nigerian scammer pretending to be a US SOLDIER
    He used the name 1SGT Phil Jones and was asking for a phone and goods
    I asked him for his official military email.

    He would not give it to me!!! Government says they are encouraged to give it out..
    They try to tell you it is confidential for security reasons..a lie

    Another girl on here WAS scammed out of money by another scammer but I don’t know if she notified you

    My scammer told me he would be opening another account on here because he was not a scammer so people on here need to know to be aware! He or any other scammer cannot hurt us UNLESS you give him info or money but some people could be caught off guard if unaware they are hitting dating sites and Facebook.

    I almost did because we want to help and support our troops! It is Veteran’s Day…they are playing on this fact!!! I read all about it on tacticalgear.com

    Thanx. Bren