Update to BikerOrNot Message System

Today we upgraded the BON message system.

You will notice a slightly different layout but with all the same features.

The biggest change is in the ‘Compose’ section. You can now send the same message to multiple people.

Another new feature is the ability to forward a message.

If you have any concerns about the new Message system please leave a comment below.

James Plouf


  1. Hello,

    We have an ‘upload’ feature to pull up photos that we can add-Can we have one that makes it just as easy to upload music? This would be very helpful and a lot faster-thank you!

  2. Been trying to upload picc off my IPhone is this site not mobile friendly if anyone knows the trick to do it let me know??

  3. For the past few days all the messages i send come through blank….i send a greeting card every day and copy and paste it in the body of the message…..the ones i receive come through fine just the ones i have sent show up blank?? Any thoughts or suggestions?
    Thanx, Mark

  4. The captchas gotta go! I create a message click send and then the warning pops up and no captcha is below it. I send a lot of messages to people I help here on BON and many are friends, if they accepted me as a friend anything I send them they accept it is not spam so why does it pop up when sending a message to a friend? I did startan event to have BON get rid of the captchs and a lot of people are joing it to prove no one likes it. http://www.bikerornot.com/Event/99164
    If sending a message to a single member, a friend the captcha should not pop up at all. If sending mass message, one message to a lot of people not on my friend list thats understandable. but not needed all we have to do is delete so why are we subject to have this stupid time consuming app here especially when the captcha part dont show once the warning pops up no where to see the letters or to type it in. Plus so many are so unreadable we have to keep scrolling to find one we think we can see what it is, and even when done right it continues to keep popping up as many as 10 times so I give up and friends don’t get a message even a responce to one they sent me and this is horrifically wrong to put us through.

  5. i am disgusted in having to print CAPTCHA prints every time i send a message.. this is very annoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. To the BikerOrNot moderators apparently you do not look at the content this is twice lately I have had a message and if you had looked at the post there is no way you could have had a problem with it

  7. i need help, can you please unlock my account, i enter the wrong valdation number and iam now locked out, i cannot send messages on bikerornot, please help

  8. I really think there should be a place for ( height) on the web site.
    It surely would help us tall women to avoid meeting up with men that are a foot shorter to save the embarasment to all.
    I am Tall 5’9″ and in heels or boots I am over 6′
    please help. LOL
    Just a suggestion, I am sure the men would appreciate it as well.

  9. I posted a picture, artistic of a man kissing a women’s neck and got a warning, are you kidding me there was absolutely nothing inappropriate about this it was a lovely picture with no boobs or penises shown no rude comments…. Just a very lovely picture!!, please stop taken down things that are just basic human nature….

  10. I wrote a very long message to a friend on here. Instead of sending it right away, I saved it. Now I can’t find it anywhere. I was on my Android phone also. I really need to get that very long message to this person…HELP!!!!! Thanks, Linda Carpenter 5/28/14……1:50pm