What’s Next for ‘El Secretario’?

One month to go, prospects! Mayans M.C. is back on FX September 3rd. We are so excited to see what the club is up to next, especially the characters that might have not had as much screen time last season. Season 1 focused a lot on developing the new story and characters separate from Sons of Anarchy. 

WARNING SPOILERS: Each member had a lot of secrets that slowly came to light throughout the season, including in the episode Cucaracha/K’uruch’, the club members find out that ‘Riz’ aka El Secretario has been hiding an underground tunnel to Mexico and possibly not cutting the M.C in on the profits. When learning this information they decide to strip ‘Riz’ of his title but…. back on July 1st, co-creator Kurt Sutter tweeted this pic of Antonio Jaramillo on the set of Season 2 with caption “El Secretario. Who’s ready for season 2? #mayanmonday #mayansfx

Does this mean he might be reinstated??

Antonio Jaramillo also had an interview with Entertainment Weekly during Comic-Con a few weeks ago, talking about the possible developments of where his character could go. He might have a more troubled past than has been led on?

Mayans fans will just have to wait and see! What characters would you like to see develop more in season 2?

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