Who is the Greatest Biker Band?

lynryd 620
Photo credit: Youtube screenshot

Who is the greatest biker band of all time.

Certainly Lynryd Skynryd has to be on any list.

Southern Rock phenom Lynryd Skynryd performs Sweet Home Alabama at the Oakland Coliseum Stadium in Oakland, California. This was recorded live in June 1977.

This was recorded just three and a half months before the fateful plan crash that killed guitar player Steve Gaines, his sister Cassie Gaines and lead vocalist Ronnie Van Zandt.

Following the accident, Van Zant’s younger brother, Johnny, stepped in and brought Lynryd Skynryd out of the ashes and makde them a popular band again.

Here is the complete lineup:

Ronnie Van Zant – vocals
Allen Collins – guitar
Gary Rossington – guitar
Steve Gaines – guitar
Artimus Pyle – drums
Leon Wilkeson – bass
Billy Powell – piano
Cassie Gaines – vocals
Jo Billingsley – vocals
Leslie Hawkins – vocals

Who’s on your list of top biker bands?

Leave your suggestions in the comments and we’ll release a top 10 list.

We’ll find some more classic footage and share it with everyone.

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