Who Took El Padrino?

Scenes from Mayans M.C. Episode 6.

It’s the BEST day of the week Mayans fans! The mission to save Adelita last week was a bust but it was her choice to stay in custody. If we have learned anything about Adelita, it’s that she does everything for a reason. Maybe we will find out more tonight… but one thing for sure Alvarez is captured!

The question on everyone’s mind is, who took him and why? The M.C. and cartel will be on high alert after everything goes down, even Miguel is going to get into the action. Looks likes Emily is also going to get her hands dirty tonight. Emily helped out an old friend and she is ready to cash in on her ‘good deed’ and get information on who is trying to out bid her on her agro project. It all goes down tonight on FX at 10pm. Who do you think took El Padrino??

It is almost time to ROLLOUT Mayans fans!

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