Why We Ride: A Female Warrior Shares Why She Rides A Motorcycle

Why We Ride – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

I just came across this beautiful video, it features footage from a beautiful sunset ride and a testimony of a female rider who shares the reason why she rides. She explains how riding motorcycles brings peace and calmness to her mind and how it drowns out the stress of everyday life. We all ride for many different reasons… do you ride for the same reasons as this female warrior?

“It is really a beautiful night out here. I look at the sunset, this beautiful winding road, the trees… the serenity of it all. I used to use target practice to calm myself down when I was stressed out, I’d hit the range and start firing. Shot groups were just wild, but then… I’d calm myself down focus on the sights, breath slowly, block out all of the other distractions, and the shot groups finally came together. Now if I take my feelings that I would get from the target practice and add adrenaline, to me, that’s riding. I have to focus, pay attention, the road, the sounds, the feel of the wind, all of these drown out my distractions. The speed and control make me focus, make me block out the stress. It brings me a sense of calm and peace that I yearn for. And one might think that something so loud and sometimes dangerous could be calming, but it is. It allows me to take control again when I feel like I’m losing it.”

Check out the video below and let us know why you ride in the comments below!


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